Habit Summit 2014

Habit Summit (habitsummit.com) brought together experts, entrepreneurs, and industry insiders to share their hard-won insights on how to build habits.

  1. Investing in Habit-Forming Businesses | Jules Maltz

    Jules Maltz - invests in habit-forming technologies as a partner at Institutional Venture Partners

  2. Designing Habits For The New World | John Kim

    John Kim - Senior Vice President of Global Products, Expedia

  3. Addiction By Design | Natasha Dow Schull

    Natasha Dow Schull - author of Addiction by Design and Associate Professor at MIT

  4. The Facebook Habit: A Fireside Chat | Julie Zhuo

    Julie Zhuo - Director of Product Design at Facebook

  5. How Twitter Built User Habits | Josh Elman

    Josh Elman - early product lead at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and Venture Capital Partner at Greylock Partners

  6. Closing Remarks | Nir Eyal